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Naturalization is the word used to describe admitting a foreigner to citizenship. It is estimated that approximately 700,000 people become naturalized U.S. citizens each year.

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Q: What admitting a foreigner to citizenship?
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Admitting a foreigner to citizenship?

A foreign person that is admitted to citizenship is called 'naturalized. ' Before that they are know as '(home country) nationals' and they hold a what is called a green-card.

How can a goreigner acquire chinese citizenship?

A foreigner can acquire Chinese citizenship through naturalisation.

Can a foreigner be offered citizenship in Singapore?

Yes, it is possible.

What is the name of the first foreigner to get nepali citizenship?

Edmund Hillary

How do you acquire Citizenship in INDIA by a Foreigner?

no you can not only if you are a citizen of india

How can a foreigner obtain Azerbaijani citizenship and an Azerbaijani passport?

Marry an Azeri woman. Renounce your current citizenship. No other way.

When married to an American are you automatically American too?

Even if a foreigner marries an American citizen they do not automatically gain US citizenship. There is a very detailed, lengthy, process in which both the foreigner and US spouse must go through in order for the foreigner to gain citizenship. This process can take years and may be denied by the end of it all.

If you marry a foreigner to keep her in the country when can there be a divorce?

If you marry a foreigner strictly for the purpose of getting her citizenship, that is illegal. I believe immigration requires a marriage of 6 years.

Can a foreigner be an absolute assignee?

No. Until he/she has citizenship of the country, absolute assignment by them is not permissible. Even an adoptive father/mother with citizenship of the country can be an absolute assignee.

Can you get the Hungarian nationality if you were born in Hungary from 2 foreigner parents?

No, Hungary practices citizenship by "jus sanguis" by blood. Not by land. You have to be born to Hungarian citizens to acquire citizenship.

Can foreigner be granted citizenship when own a property in USA?

Yes. The naturalization process does not require that the applicant not own property.

What should you do if a foreigner with a visa pays an American citizen to marry them to gain citizenship and the American refuses to do it?

I would report them to the authorities.