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The Federalist Party believes in a strong national (federal) government with powers over the state governments. They also believed they should have a strong central government that should revolve around business and industry. The Federalists left a lasting imprint as they fashioned a strong new government with a sound financial base, and decisively shaped Supreme Court policies for another three decades. Also because the Federalist Party was diverse. The Federalist Party collectively believes in a Government run with integrity, with decorum, and ultimately for success.

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Q: What are 10 reasons you know you are a federalist?
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What Constitution was not one of the reasons the anti federalist opposed the new constitution?

In order to know which of these reasons was NOT a basis for the Anti-federalists opposition to the new constitution one would need to know the choices for answers.

What are the two most important federalist papers?

federalist 10 and 78

The Federalist Pary lost its popular support and the election of 1800 for all of the following reasons?

It depends on what your Following Reasons are.

What reasons might the federalist have for opposing president Jefferson plan?

Because he was Republican, so that's why the Federalist wouldn't accept Jefferson's plan.

What were the difference between the federalist and the anti federalist?

The federalist supported the constitution, and the anti-federalist were against the Constitution. I DON'T KNOW THE REST. Go on the Internet for once!

How do you know if your a federalist?

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What was the two reasos the federalist party opposed the purchase of the louisiana territory?

There are two main reasons on why the federalist party purchased Louisiana territory. The main two reasons for doing this was because the tie they had with Britain and compromising with Napoleon.

How does Madison use federalist 51 to support the argument regarding the dangers of factions in federalist 10?


Did the Federalist Papers persuade the people of New York?

The Federalist papers are one of the reasons the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The main purpose of the Federalist Papers was to explain what the Constitution meant and to fight the Anti-Federalists propaganda.

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James Madison was the author of Federalist 10. He wrote it because he did not want to see the United States tore apart by factions.

Who was the author of the Federalist papers N 10?

James Madison wrote essay #10.