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unanimous opinion

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Q: What are all justices vote the same way?
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What is it called when all the justices vote the same way?


How do justices vote alike?

Sometimes the reason that justices vote alike is because they all feel the same way. Justices vote based on their interpretation of the law. While they're not supposed to be biased based on their own political agenda, some of them vote that way as well.

What is the definition of a majority opinion in the US Supreme Court?

A majority opinion is the agreed decision of more than half the justices who heard the case. Under most circumstances, a simple majority would be five of nine justices (5/9); however, there have been many times when only eight sat on a case (5/8), and it's legally possible for as few as six justices to consider a case (2/3).

Did the delegates from each state always vote the same way?

no' the delegates from the states do not vote the same way.

Who is chooses the chief Justice?

The Chief Justice position is put forth by the president and approved by congress. The same way all Supreme Court justices.

How do black people vote?

Uh, the same way white people vote - by registering and going to the polls on election day.

Are leaders selected in China?

The same way the American Government is selected they vote

How are leaders selected in China?

The same way the American Government is selected they vote

How do people prepare to vote for president?

I am not sure what you want to know. In order to vote, one has to register in advance with the local election officer. Then, you have to report at your assigned polling location on election day during the times the polls or open with the proper ID , or else, if allowed, vote early according to the rules, or else vote by absentee ballot, according to instructions. As for preparing to cast your vote, different people prepare in different ways. The way I think is best is to read as many newspaper and magazine articles as you can about the candidate, watch the debates and try to decide which candidate will do the most for the country. Others study the same way, but vote for the candidate who will do the most for their own self-interests. Some people vote for the best-looking candidate; some vote the way their spouses or friends tell them to; some always vote for the same party; some vote for the candidate whose moral or religious values are closest to their own. Some vote for the candidate is most like themselves, that is same race, same sex, same state, same ethnic group, or the same in some way that matters to them.

What is the fraction of supreme court justices needed for a majority opinion?

Anything over 50% of the ones that actually vote. If a justice recuses themselves from a case, they don't count towards the total either way.

A group of legislators that have similar concerns and tend to vote the same way?

It is called a bloc.

Does the legislative branch decides if the laws are constitutional?

In theory the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). In practice, at least 5 Justices must vote the same way for a ruling to take effect. Of course, it can be successfully argued that the US Supreme Court has repeatedly violated the US Constitution, or at least its original intent.