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Constitutional federal courts are either created or allowed to be created under Article III of the Constitution. For instance, federal district courts and circuit court of appeals are Constitutional federal courts. The Supreme Court also falls under the category of Constitutional Federal Courts and it is the highest court in America. Legislative federal courts, on the other hand, are established by Congress using implied power. For instance, the Court of Military Appeals is a legislative federal court.

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Q: What are differences between constitutional federal courts legislative federal courts and the supreme court?
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What are the differences between state and federal executive branches of government?

legislative makes laws whereas executive implements it

What does the senate do for your country?

Responsibilities of the Senate include working on legislative and constitutional reforms, and settling conflicts between various federal institutions.

What constitutional provisions keep federal judges independent of the executive and legislative branches?


Today's federal court system includes both courts and courts?

Legislative, Constitutional

What is the main difference between the state legislative branch and the federal legislative branch?

I'm not sure if it depends on the state, but the Illinois state legislative has the General Assembly while the Federal legislative has Congress

What is the main difference between the state of Illinois' legislative Branch and the federal legislative branch?

The state of Illinois legislative branch makes laws for the state of Illinois. The legislative branch of the United States make laws for the federal government (the U.S.).

What is Canada's legislative branch of government called?

Canada's government is a federal parliamentary democracy (Parliament of Canada) under a constitutional monarchy; a Commonwealth realm.

What are the three most important functions of the US Supreme Court?

Under Original JurisdictionSettle disputes between the statesUnder Appellate JurisdictionInterpret the Constitution and exercise judicial review to ensure state and federal statutes and policies challenged before the Court comply with constitutional principles.Act as the highest appellate court for cases and controversies involving federal question jurisdiction (federal and constitutional law, and US treaties).

What branch approves (confirms) federal judges?

In the United States the Congress, or legislative branch confirms federal judicial appointments. It is the Senate as upper house of the Congress that has the Constitutional power to confirm federal judges, and Supreme Court nominees.

What form of government is based on constitutional division of powers between nation and states?

federalA bi-level republic would fit the bill.

How is the powers divide in the federal system?

divided equally between Judicial, Legislative, and Executive

Who settles differences between the state and federal government?