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Q: What are dolly Madison personality traits?
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What were Dolly Madison's character traits?

she was loyal and nice to all of her people. :-)

What is Dolly Madison's full name?

Dolly Madison was the First Lady of the United States from 1809-1817

Who owns Dolly Madison?

Interstate Bakeries Corporation makes Dolly Madison

When was Dolly Madison's birthday?

Dolly Madison's birth date is May 20,1768.

Was dolly Madison famous?

dolly Madison is famous for being the firs women to sit in the house of Representatives also for being James Madison wife .

What are the things named after dolley Madison?

the dolly Madison house

When did dolly die?

Dolly the beautiful girl was married to James Madison.

Did dolly Madison die penniless?


Did dolly Madison get awards?

yes she did

What religion was Dolly Madison?


Who was the first lady of James Madison?

it was the same wife dolly Madison

Where did James Madison and Dolly Madison live?

the white house ;] :] >3