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Q: What are facts about spartan government?
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The spartan government was led from whom?

The Spartan Government was led by Thomas Pryorious.

Who was the head of spartan government?

Aristotle is head of the spartan govrnment

What facts about the Spartan oligarchy?

slaved native born men forbidain

Which was part of the Spartan government?

Two kings

Why is spartan government bad?

it used slaves

How was spartas government struchtured?

the spartan government was structured based on the strength of their military

What are facts about the Spartan army?

they don't wear any shoes during the war.

In what was Spartan government like a democracy?

There was the Assembly of Equals.

What did Spartan government concentrate all their powers on creating?

The Spartan government concentrated all of their powers on creating a safe city state that encouraged adult males to participate in the military. The government wanted to have a dominant military power.

The type of government that existed in Sparta was?

A democracy limited to the Spartan warrior class.

Who led the Spartan government?

in the sumer the most powerfulll person was the king, or esnu.

What are Spartan slaves called?

You are looking for the word Helot, however helots were not slaves, they were serfs, that is they were bound to their land, and produced half their produce to the Spartan government.