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What are five major staff positions in a candidate’s campaign organization?

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Q: What are five major staff positions in a candidate's campaign organization?
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What were the major issues and candidates positions on the issues?

The Platform

Why might they contribute to all major candidates in a presidential campaign?

for political favors

What were Franklin Pierce campaign issues?

There was little difference in the platforms of the two major parties. Both pledged to support the Compromise of 1850 and work for national unity. The campaign was based mostly on the strengths of the candidates. The big issue was slavery- allow it or abolish it, but neither major party made that a campaign issue.

Does the NRA use litigation campaign contributions or grassroots lobbying more?

The NRA primarily uses its considerable financial resources for campaign contributions to support pro-gun candidates in elections. However, it also engages in grassroots lobbying efforts through its members and activists, mobilizing them to contact elected officials and advocate for their positions on gun rights issues. Both strategies are utilized, but campaign contributions are a major focus for the NRA.

What are the four elements of major party organization at the national level?

The National ConventionThe National CommitteeThe National ChairpersonThe Congress Campaign Committees

The first televised debates in the U.S. between the two major parties' Presidential candidates occurred in which campaign?

1960 between JFK and Nixon. These debated were widely regarded as having a decisive impact on the result.

A major campaign issue in the 1928 election was?

The major campaign issue in the 1928 Election was, Religion and Prohibition.

How has the nomination of presidential candidates changed over the years?

Candidates are forced to run a "permanent campaign." Candidates are less reliant on fundraising events. Candidates have budgets determined by Congress Candidates have started campaigning longer. they spend more money.

How can voters learn about the views of presidential candidates?

Go to which allows you to view comparisons of the major candidates of both parties based on 10 issues. Go to which allows you to select two candidates and compare them side by side. Go to to find which candidate fits your positions on political issues. Go to where you can also choose two candidates and compare them side by side. Go to where you can see Republican candidate comparisons and Democrat candidate comparisons.

How much money does it take to become president?

The major parties spend millions on the campaign. They tend to spend most of the money they have available since nobody ever thinks they have the election cinched. The candidates themselves do not have to contribute once they are nominated.

Are the Democrats a major party?

The United States does not have Major Parties like exist in Europe. The Democrats exist are a major party for nominating candidates for elections and organizing legislatures. After that, unlike in Europe, each politician votes as he or she pleases. The party organization continues to function but does not influence the politicians holding office.

The major candidates for president in 1960?

kennedy and nixon