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Q: What are organizations outside the government that attempt to influence the government's behavior decision making and allocation of resources?
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Why the government influence the growth of firms?

Governments seek to influence business to ensure that they are following regulations. If they are not, the government may fine them.

How did the English bill of right influence the government?

The English parliament's two chamber structure also influence colonial governments.

How does the organizations influence the government?

In the current global economy that we are in right now organisations can and may influence governments depending on how big such organisations are. The economy allows for free trade the market being the determinants of demand and supply thus if the organisation is big enough with enough market control then it has the upper hand over the government ie it will be able to overcome the government control and instead the organisation controls the government

How did these things influence European government after World War 2?

governments want to be free .

How did the English bill of rights influence English government?

The English parliament's two chamber structure also influence colonial governments.

How did the KKK influence local governments?

They were the judges, police, government offices so they controlled everything.

The effort to control or influence the conduct of goverment is called?

Politics is the effort to control or influence the conduct and policies of government. The federal system is a government that divides the powers of government between the national government and state of provincial governments.

How did the discovery of middle eastern oil in the 20th century influence international organizations politics?

It led Western states to interfere with Middle Eastern governments.

Did the government have any influence over the Vietnam war?

Governments conduct wars. They've got the budgets for them.

How do government influence sovereignty?

Sovereignty relates to government insofar as governments reflect the sovereign authority of their nations. In modern democracies, this authority lies with the citizens, and is only represented by the goverment.

How did colonial governments influence the government you have today?

The governemts imoacted us with all of its practices are alomost the same as today

How do societies change and influence government?

This is almost a "which came first, the chicken or the egg ?" question. Do societies bring about governments or do governments bring about societies. I would venture to say they are interrelated. They need and build from each other. Close examination will, usually, show that the two are related in such a way as for the society to influence the type of government that will evolve. Or, for the government to influence the evolution and development of a society. Trying to separating the two is unfair and fails to acknowledge and recognize their interrelatedness. kapm