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Q: What are people that opposed violence called?
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People opposed to the use of violence are called what?


What are the people opposed to violence in ww1 called?

conciseness objectors ( conchies )

What is a person opposed to the use of war or violence to settle disputes?

A person opposed to the use of war or violence to settle disputes is often called a pacifist. Pacifists believe in resolving conflicts through nonviolent means such as diplomacy, negotiation, or peaceful protests. They advocate for the importance of peace and the avoidance of physical harm or destruction.

What does it mean if someone says pacifist?

Pacifist means peace loving or someone opposed to violence. So when they say pacifist they mean someone does not like violence. Pacifist is mainly used to describe people who are opposed to war.

What best describes why the Quakers did not support the American Revolution?

they were strongly opposed to violence and warThey were strongly opposed to war & violence.

Is it true that the people who opposed the constitution were known as the anticonstitutionalists?

True, People who opposed to the constitiution are called anticonstitutionalist

The people who opposed the revolution were called?


What were people called when they opposed slavery?


Which art movement was opposed to the violence of war?


Who were people called who were opposed to immigration?

anti- aliens

What is a paficist?

someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

People who opposed ratification of the constitution were called?