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Enumerated powers.

i believe that the answer is delagated powers ...............Ty Zanardelli

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Powers listed in the U.S. Constitution are called "enumerated or delegated powers" because they are listed in the document as powers belonging to the federal government.

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Q: What are power listed in the constitution called?
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Where does congress get the power to do things that are not listed you the constitution?

The elastic clause

A reserved power is a power reserved for?

They are powers not listed in the Constitution. These can be used by a cabinet or legislature.

What are the legislative powers that are specifically listed called?

Expressed powers: these powers are specifically listed in the Constitution

What does the constitution provide for Americans?

an organized government with pre-listed authority and power

Are powers listed in the Constitution called implied powers?

Inherent powers are powers that a government has simply because it is a government. Those powers are guanteed in the Constitution via the "necessary and proper" clause and via Judicial pronouncements. Inherent powers are not listed. Enumerated powers are those powers that are listed in the Constitution.

What are some examples of specific powers in the Australian constitution?

Trade, Marriage and Postal Services and the other heads of power listed in sections 51 of the Constitution.

Does the first article of the constitution define the power of the president?

No. The powers and responsibilities of the President are listed in Article Two.

What do we call the powers of Congress that are specifically listed in the constitution?

Delegated powers of the National Gov. that are spelled out in the Constitution are called expressed powers, aka "enumerated powers"

Does the states or people responsible for the powers not listed in the constitution?

It's the states responsibility if it is not listed in the constitution.

Particular powers of the congress that are listed in article 1 are often called the?

enumerated powers. These are the powers specifically granted to Congress by the Constitution, such as the power to tax, regulate commerce, or declare war.

What is the doctrine of powers?

The doctrine of expressed power implies that powers not specifically listed in the Constitution will not be given to the national government, but will be reserved for the states.

What was added to the constitution that listed the rights not already in the constitution?

Bill of Rights