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Property rights are all about detecting whether a resource owned properly or used, and who owns that resource whether it is the government, and so on.

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Q: What are propery rights all about?
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What is the Declaration of Man?

The declaration of man is basically the rights ever citizen has. In the french revolution, it was essantially their first bill of rights stating what each man has the rights to, life liberty and propery

Is a rock a physica propery?


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No they are not that is your propery and you can sew him/her for it

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A type of rock with the special propery double refraction

This 1911 has a us govt propery stamp on the right side of the slide not the receiver. What manufacturer marked them this way?

they all did. it is the serial number that indicates WHO made the pistol and when........

When you sell a rental propery you have had for seven years how much capital gains tax can you expect to pay?

It all depends on how much the property has gone up in value.

If my deed states lake rights and I was using the same road to the lake used for about 40 years plus can a new owner of the propery surrounding the lake stop us.?

NOPE! Not a chance. Take it to court. NOPE! Not a chance. Take it to court.

What is an identify propery?

In a group, the identity property is that each group contains an element, i, such that for all elements x, in the group, i*x = x*i = x. i is called the identity element.

Can the people own propery in Australia?

Yes, people can own property in Australia... if they can afford it.

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If there is a will does propery go through probate?

Yes a will requires probate. Which means the property will be part of the process.