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* Why did you enter politics? * How do you satisfy that goal/hope/desire? * How have you succeeded or failed in these endeavors? * If you failed, what could you have done differently? * If you failed, who suffered for it/who paid the consequences for it? * Do you believe it is fair that politicians receive such high monetary compensation/salaries? * How can high political salaries be justified, especially considering the state of the world's economy? US Specific questions: * Is it fair, equitable, or ethical that US Congress members receive lifetime healthcare after serving such short terms when the majority of the population has no healthcare insurance to speak of? * What do feel is just compensation for unethical or illegal behavior on the part of political office holders in the US? * Should a person who commits adultery be trusted with political office? * Why or why not? * Should political office holders be barred from employment for an extended period of time in the private sector where they may have affected change while in office? For instance, should Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, President Obama's "Car Czars" be permitted employment with any auto manufacturer or any business affiliated with the auto industry after either leaves his cabinet position?

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1. How did u become a prime minister?

2. Why did u choose the job as a prime minister?

3. How did u fell when u became a prime minister?

4. Is life as a prime minister hard?

5. Did u think u would ever have a chance of being a prime minister?


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Why did you enter politics

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when was Australia first designed

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Q: What are some good questions to ask the prime minister?
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Who becomes prime minister if the prime minister and deputy prime minister die?

If the Prime Minister dies, the governing party selects a replacement. In some countries this person must then be approved by a monarch or president.

Facts about a previous Prime Minister of Australia?

Find and write down Some facts about a previous Prime Minister of Australia Find and write down Some facts about a previous Prime Minister of Australia

Does Canada have a vice prime minister?

No. Some Prime Ministers name a Deputy Prime Minister to answer general policy questions during Question Period, and to chair Cabinet meetings in their absence. A Deputy Prime Minister does not have any special authority, and there is no significance in terms of succession, as this is instead specified by an acting ministers minute[1]. Usually, the appointment is used to honour an individual minister, or to recognize a demographic to which the Deputy belongs (region, race, gender...). The current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has not named a Deputy Prime Minister.

What is Canada's prime minister's duty?

The prime minister duty is to take care of Canada and going some where to meet other prime and discuses about Canada

What are some phrases with the word prime in them?

Who is the prime minister of Canada?what is a prime number?I am prime in that position.this is the prime is that prime?

Who is prime minister of Africa?

Africa is a continent, not a country, so it does not have a Prime Minister. It has over 50 countries, many of which have their own Prime Ministers and some which don't.

What is the feminine counterpart of prime minister?

The feminine counterpart of prime minister is usually referred to as "prime minister" as well, regardless of gender. However, some countries may use unique titles such as "prime ministerial" or "first minister" for a female equivalent.

Can you name three countries that are governed by a prime minister?

Some three countries governed by a prime minister include Japan, Northern Ireland and Portugal. A prime minister heads the government and appoints the ministers.

Does the Prime Minister make the decisions in France?

The Prime Minister makes some of the decisions in France, although there are always politics involved.

Who is some important people from Germany?

the prime minister

Who is the Prime Minister of North America?

The United States does not have a Prime Minister. Its system of government is different from that of countries that do have Prime Ministers. The US Constitution provides for a president, not a prime minister. The US president is both the head of state and the head of government. In some countries those two roles are separate.

How can a magistrate be appointed to his post?

A magistrate can be appointed to his post by the Prime Minister. In some nations, the appointment is by the nation's President instead of the Prime Minister.