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HST, on occasion.

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Q: What are the 3 presidents known by their 3 initials?
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Who is presidents initials are AJ?

There is no president with the initials AJ.

What is the 26th presidents initials?

The 26th presidents full name was Theodore Roosvelt Jnr. He was also known as TR or Teddy. He had no middle name, so he had only one initial: T for Theodore.

What is the 40th presidents initials?

The initials of Ronald Reagan, who is considered the 40th U. S. President, are R.W.R.

What are three presidents who lived in the 20Th century who were well known by their initials?

FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, JFK - John Francis Kennedy and LBJ - Lindon Baines Johnson

Which two presidents have middle initials which do not stand for anything?

Harry Truman. The S. didn't stand for anything.

Egytian presidents are?

Egyptian presidents are known as pharaohs.

Which painter from 1914 had the initials e c w?

No well-known painter had those initials.

What singers are known by their initials?

which artist uses initials CWC on his paintings

What presidents have had the initials HH?

Herbert Hoover is the only president to have the initials HH. He was the 31st president of the United States and served from march 4, 1929 to march 4, 1933. The Hoover Dam in Nevada bears his name.

What famous people in the revolution have the initials B A?

The most well-known person in the American Revolution who had the initials "B A" was Benedict Arnold.

What are the initials of 'Preston North End'?

PNE is the initials of the football club Preston North End. They are also known as the Lilly whites.

What presidents initials were JFK?

Your question is in the category of John F. Kennedy. But in case you still weren't sure, it stands for John Fitzgerald Kennedy.