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Weakness of bureaucratic discretion to a public sector management is a great value to a consumer because it allows discretion of a public sector management to be expressed fully.

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Q: What are the benefits and weakness of bureaucratic discretion to public sector management?
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What is the strengths and weakness of bureaucratic management?

Bureaucratic management have centralized authority. They plan to achieve strategic goals. Job specialization leads to proficiency in work. These are their strengths. However the weakness of bureaucratic management is, it leads to low morale within the employees. They cannot adopt flexible policies to benefit the business.

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weakness of contingency and system theory

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The federal character principle in filling positions and promoption in Nigerians federal bureaucracy runs counter to max weberts bureaucratic principle of employment and promotion based on merit attempt a defence of the federal character principle inspit of its weakness

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If the management fails to create a friendly, conducive and safe environment to its employees, then it should be considered as the biggest weakness of all. As any of the other weakness can be successfuly overcome with happy staffs!

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1= Limitations of basic records:- Management accounting derives its information from financial accounting,cost accounting and other records. the strength and weakness of the management accounting,therefore, depends upon the strength and weakness of the records. 2= wide scope:- Management accounting has a very wide scope incorporating many disciplines.It considers both monetary as well as non-monetary factors.this all brings in exactness and subjectivity in the conclusion obtained through it.