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Q: What are the challenges presidents face in exercising the power to persuade their various constituencies?
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Why is the Presidents power to persuade an important political skill?

the power to persuade is a important skill a great leader has to have for example one of the best leaders in history, you can argue with me, was Adolf Hitler and one skill he had was the ability to persuade the German people.

What is the purpose of presidents Roosevelt's speech?

To persuade Americans to accept the United States' involvement in the war in Europe

Was there a president who tried to persuade congress using physical intimidation.?

No, that would have been illegal. Political power has been used by various presidents, but nothing physical.

What to persuade about?

It depends on who you want to persuade and what your persuading

What is present tense for persuade?

I/you/we/they persuade. He/she/it persuades. The present participle is persuading.

How do you use persuade in a sentence?

i persuade her to go swimming

How can I use the word persuade in a sentence?

She tried to persuade him to change his mind about the project by presenting compelling arguments and evidence.

How can you persuade a customer by selling perfume?

You do not persuade a customer by selling perfume. You may persuade a customer to buy perfume.

What is the verb form of persuasive?

The verb form of persuasive is persuade. As in "to persuade someone".

What is noun for persuade?

The noun forms of the verb to persuade are persuader, persuasion, and the gerund, persuading.

What is another name for persuade?

Another word for persuade is convince.

What is a sentence using the word persuade?

i will persuade her to give me money!