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Q: What are the citizens roles in a Presidential Republic?
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Why is India called Republic of India?

Because head of the country is elected [ President ] and Presidential Post is open to all eligible citizens.

When was Presidential Citizens Medal created?

Presidential Citizens Medal was created on 1969-11-13.

What type of government does Congo have?

republic republic of (ROC)The Republic of the Congo labels itself as a Presidential Republic, however, in reality, it is a dictatorship.The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a Semi-Presidential Republic.

What type of republic is the Dominican Republic in?

It's a Unitary presidential republic.

Who is the prince of the Republic of Guinea?

The Republic of Guinea is a presidential republic. It has no prince.

What republic are Mexico and the US?

Federal Presidential Republic.

What is the population of Citizens Republic Bancorp?

Citizens Republic Bancorp's population is 2,039.

When was Citizens Republic Bancorp created?

Citizens Republic Bancorp was created in 1871.

What is Citizens Republic Bancorp's population?

The population of Citizens Republic Bancorp is 2,009.

When was Citizens for a Canadian Republic created?

Citizens for a Canadian Republic was created in 2002.

What type government does kazakhstan have?

Presidential republic

When was Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation created?

Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation was created in 1946.