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That depends upon how successful you are, and whether you're a citizen or a foreign national.

If you're a citizen and you fail, you could be charged with treason and imprisoned for life or executed. If you're a foreign national, you would receive a life sentence or the death penalty on other charges.

If you succeed, you would probably create anarchy and screw up what's left of the economy, among other things.

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Q: What are the consequences of overthrowing the US government?
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talk of overthrowing the government

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a revolution usually involves overthrowing the government, if left unsettled there will be no existing government, therefore resulting in an anarchist state.

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Hawaii.Simple. Trite, and Not True.Americans did overthrow the Kingdom of Hawaii and form the Republic of Hawaii. That was True. It was not a move put into action by the US Government but by a very small group of American buissinessmen.

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the Provisional Government lost the support of the people and the army

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They succeeded in overthrowing the French colonial government, but failed to establish a strong economy.

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Overthrowing the last emperor

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