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I think it’s bows & arrows

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Q: What are the following examples of advances made during the Mesolithic Era except?
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What are the following are examples of advances made during the Mesolithic Era except?

Examples of advances made during the Mesolithic Era include the development of more sophisticated stone tools, the domestication of plants and animals, and the establishment of sedentary lifestyles. Agricultural practices, like crop cultivation and animal husbandry, are considered advances that primarily occurred during the Neolithic Era, not the Mesolithic Era.

What happened during the Mesolithic period?

During the Mesolithic period, also known as the Middle Stone Age, people transitioned from a nomadic lifestyle to more settled communities, developing new tools such as microliths for hunting and gathering. It was a time of climate change, rising sea levels, and the extinction of some megafauna species. The Mesolithic period laid the foundation for the advances in technology and social organization that would characterize the Neolithic period.

What tools were used during the Mesolithic era?

a chisel and a hammer

Who what type of tools and technology were invited during the Mesolithic Era?

During the Mesolithic Era, stone tools such as microliths and axes were commonly used. Pottery making and the use of bone and antler tools also emerged during this period. Additionally, the development of fishing equipment like harpoons and nets became more sophisticated during the Mesolithic Era.

What is a sentence using Mesolithic Era?

The Mesolithic Era, also known as the Middle Stone Age, saw significant advancements in hunting, gathering, and tool-making.

How did the people live during the paleolithic and mesolithic ages?

People lived in the Paeolithic and Mesolithic age was by teaching themselves to do stuff such as cropping and hunting..Tony

What were the mesolithic shelters?

Mesolithic shelters were often temporary structures made from wood, animal hides, and rocks. These shelters were typically built to provide protection from the elements and predators, and were used by hunter-gatherer societies during the Mesolithic period for short-term occupation.

What were some advances in medicine that were important during war?

What were some advances in medicine that were important during the war

When did the Mesolithic begin?

The Mesolithic era began around 10,000 BC at the end of the last Ice Age. This period was marked by the transition from a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to more settled communities and the development of basic agriculture.

Did mesolithic era make fire?

Yes, during the Mesolithic era, humans had the ability to create and control fire. This development allowed for cooking food, providing warmth, and offering protection against predators.

What languages were spoken in mesolithic time period?

During the Mesolithic period, various languages were spoken depending on the region. Some examples include Proto-Indo-European in parts of Europe, Proto-Uralic in northern Eurasia, and Proto-Afroasiatic in North Africa and the Middle East. These languages were in their early stages of development and would evolve over time into the languages spoken today.

What art advances were made during the middle Kingdom?

the advances were the toothbrush and the water bottlr