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That the Americans need to stand up against the British for their natural rights.

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That the Americans need to stand up against the British for their natural rights.

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The main ideas for common sense include doing what comes naturally. For example it is common sense not to touch something that is on fire.

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Q: What are the main ideas of the common sense?
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3 main ideas in Thomas Paine's common sense?


What is the main ideas of thomas Paine's common sense?

The main idea of common sence was to show the colonists why to declare independence.

What was the main point or intent or the author of common sense?

Thomas Paine was theauthor of Common Sense

Explain any 4 main no substitute for common sense?

Statistical methods are a no substitute for common sense.

Which group would most likely agree with ideas presented in common sense?


What criticisms do other experts offer of Piaget's ideas?

Criticims that other experts offer of piaget's ideas are.. lack of common sense.

What was the main theme in the common sense pamphlet?

the main idea of common sense is to persuade nutral poeple to become paitriots. He soon realized that a lot of perople became patriots because his writing was very common. As the title says it takes common sense to read it.

What does Common Sense have to do with the Constitution?

It has nothing to do with the constitution other than expressing the ideas that will be used in the constitution.

What was Thomas Paine Common Sense Main Point?

His main point was to support Patriots to stand up for their country.

What does Keynote and PowerPoint have in common?

The main thing that Keynote and PowerPoint have in common is the purpose that both have: to present a variety of ideas to an audience.

What main idea behind the pamphlet common sense that influenc ed many colonist?

The main idea of the pamphlet Common Sense was to gain support for the Patriot cause by showing the Colonists that it was pointless to remain loyal to the British Crown.

Why was common sence so accessible to american colonist?

Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for so Paine's political ideas were made tangible and available to a common audience.