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He has a brother, Hasdrubal. He commanded the cavalry at Cannae. The Surname is Barca.

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Q: What are the names of Hannibal's family?
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How large was Hannibals empire?

Hannibals empire was pretty big but half of the army died on its way to the enemy

What obstacles were in Hannibals way?

i dont no

Where were Hannibals major battles?

in Roman

Who were Hannibal's siblings?

Hannibals' brother is Hasdrubal.

What is thought to be Hannibals greatest mistake?

Not invading Rome when he had the chance.

How was hannibals?

By superior tactics at the Battle of Zama 202 BCE.

What was the name of Hannibals brother?

Hasdurbal was the name of one of his brothers.

Who was Hannibals friends?

The elephant on whose back he was riding to cross the alps.

What was Hannibals secret weapon?

Hannibal's secret weapon was the use of elephants

What are the family members names?

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What are the lynx family member names?

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Who is Hannibals father?

Hamilcar Barca (born 275bc - died 228bc) he was the Carthaginian General