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liberty, individual responsibility, equality, democracy, and civic duty

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Q: What are the primary elements in American political culture?
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What are the primary factors in political socialization?

The primary factors in political socialization are family influences, education, peers, media, and personal experiences. These elements shape an individual's political identity, beliefs, and behaviors from a young age.

Primary culture in central Mexico that dominated religious and political life in that region from 1000 BCE to 650 CE?

Teotihuacan civilization.

Which one was the primary medium for the diffusion of American popular culture throughout the world war 1?


In which type of primary do you have to register by political party?

In a political primary, you have to register by political party.

What is the primary mode of subsistence of the Mbuti culture?

The primary mode of subsistence of the Mbuti culture is Foraging.

What is the primary transmitter of your culture?

the primary CNS transmitter is

What is Canada most of Democrats or Republicans?

The American political parties of Democrats and Republicans don't fit well into other countries' political systems. That is, the unique nature of American culture and politics makes it very difficult to map American political parties to their equivalents in other countries. In addition, the stated goals of both American political parties is often at radical odds with actual practices and pronouncements from those parties, making the comparison even more difficult - in most other countries, parties tend to stick rather closely to their stated philosophies, as that is their primary means of attracting support in a very pluralistic political party environment.

What is the primary reason a structural functionalist studies a culture?

to predict the behaviors of a society.

The primary objective of Harlem renaissance writers was to?

improve literacy rates among African Americans. THE REAL ANSWER IS: generate pride in African-American culture.

Why did the Soviet Union callapse?

The collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980's was a great blow to the hopes of revolutionaries. Why did it collapse? The primary causes were political and economic and they were the result of the culture of war.

The primary language spoken in Momaday's house when he was a child in Oklahoma?

The primary language spoken in N. Scott Momaday's house when he was a child in Oklahoma was Kiowa, which is a Native American language. Momaday's immersion in the Kiowa language and culture had a significant impact on his writing and identity as a Native American author.

What chemical elements are considered primary elements?

Primary elements refer to the six most common elements found in living organisms: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. These elements are essential for life as they are found in essential molecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids.