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Q: What are the problems and solution of civil service?
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What were the problems with the Indian Civil Service?

the answer is in indian civil service with the problems

What problems did Lincoln face as president?

American civil war slavery in the u.s. American civil war slavery in the u.s.

What has the author H E Dale written?

H. E. Dale has written: 'Report on the finances of Jamaica' 'The personnel and problems of the higher Civil Service' -- subject- s -: Great Britain, Great Britain. Civil Service Department

What has the author Herman Kehrli written?

Herman Kehrli has written: 'Portland pension problems' -- subject(s): Civil service, Pensions

Which is the seniormost civil service created after independence?

indian civil service

When will you get your civil service 2009 key answer?

civil service key answer 2009 ?

Is gun the solution to all problems?

No, of course not. But a gun can be a solution to some problems.

What did the assassination of President Garfield help spur?

Civil Service reform in the form of the Pendelton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883.Civil Service reform.Civil service reform.

Where did civil service originate from?

The first example of a civil service is that originated in China.

When was Civil Service F.C. created?

Civil Service F.C. was created in 1863.

When was Civil Service Union created?

Civil Service Union was created in 1944.

When did Civil Service Union end?

Civil Service Union ended in 1988.