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the purpose of the reporters formula?

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Q: What are the purposes of a report?
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What is the purpose of an incident report?

For investigation purposes

Why do NFL teams report injuries?

For betting purposes.

Why hotel need occupancy report?

Hotel Occupancy Reports are needed for tax purposes.

Is a voluntary surrender weighted the same as a repossession on your credit report?

For all practical purposes, YES.

What is the purposes would you write a report for the office?

To give a funding agency the status of your lab's research project.

What if someone is using your homeaddress to obtain a drivers license using it for tax purposes etc?

Report it to the police and the IRS

What agency do you report a change of address for driving licensing purposes?

Motor Vehicle Department for your particular region or state.

What should be written in a technical report if the report is for a project of building a real stuff?

A technical report should contain details about what the project is about, what it is for, why it is being built, and for what purposes it can be used. Background studies and similar cases should be presented to justify the fulfillment of the project.

If you have a lot of recent credit enquiries on your report how long does it take for your credit score to improve?

Credit inquires are factored into the score for 12 months for the purposes of lending and for 24 months for purposes of insurance quotes and underwriting.

How useful are companies annual report in assessing their strategic direction?

Companies' annual report are very useful in assessing their strategic direction. They provide a clear picture on the status of companies and this is very essential for purposes of planning.

What do you do if you forgot to report income of a closed 401k from which employer deducted 20 per cent for Fed Tax purposes?

File an amendment to your return

Do you report child support for financial aid?

Yes, child support counts as income for the purposes of filing your FAFSA and applying for financial aid.