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Assuming the question refers to Federal Judgeships, there are no formal legal requirements beyond the very basic ones of citizenship and mental competency.

That is, a person WITHOUT any formal legal degree, training, or experience may be appointed to a Federal judgeship. In the past, it was relatively common to appoint people without a formal legal degree to the bench. Nowadays, it generally is considered a required qualification for confirmation to have a law degree, but that isn't a legal requirement. That is, Congress may not approve of the appointment unless the applicant has a legal degree, but that is a may, not a must.

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The judicial branch generally consists of people who have legal degrees. Also, they have had legal experience as practicing attorneys or law professors.

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Q: What are the qualifications for the judicial branch?
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What qualifications of the supreme court justice are?

leads the judicial branch

What branch has no qualifications to serve in government?

The judicial branch

Name 3 different kinds of members in the Judicial Branch?

There are no qualifications in the judicial branch. Justices and judges are appointed.

What are the age and legal qualifications of the judicial branch of the US government?

There are no constitutional qualifications for becoming a judge or justice in the Judicial Branch; however, there are informal qualification that change over time.

Judicial Branch qualifications?

Actually, it doesn't say any specfic qualfications for the judicial branch, but i'm guessing you must be a US citizen, at least 18, and probably something else.

What branch explains laws whenever there is a disagreement over them?

judicial branch

What branch decides cases between citizens of different states?

All levels of courts fall within the judicial branch.

The courts are a part of the branch.?

Judicial Branch

What branch has the power to declare an executive act unconstitutional?

The Judicial Branch had this power. The process in which this branch declare laws constitutional or unconstitutional is called the Judicial Review

What are the qualifications to be a state judge under the US Constitution?

No. The Constitution is silent about qualifications for federal judges. There are also no statutory (legal) requirements for appointment to the Judicial Branch; however, those in charge of the selection process have adopted stringent, informal criteria for selecting appropriate nominees.

Which branch of government has a jury member?

Judicial Branch

What branch of government can control patronage?

judicial branch