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A big taco

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Q: What are the six responsibilities of this new government found?
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What are the six responsibilities of this new government?

A big taco

What were the six reasons for establishing a new government?

The six reasons for establishing a new government were ; getting organized, Madison's Plan, sharing power with the states,compromise about congress , the executive and judicial branches, & the signing .

What are the six responsibilities of the constitution? preamble-Popular sovereignty , limited government , separation of powers , checks and balances, judicial review , and federalism.

What were six problems with the new government after the American Revolution?

the government is great and the financial progress would not be continued.

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What are the 6 responsibilities of government listed in the Preamble?

The six responsibilities listed in the preamble are the six goals of the constitution that make up most of the preamble. 1. to form a more perfect Union 2. establish Justice 3. insure domestic Tranquility 4. provide for the common defence 5. promote the general Welfare the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

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i know sike please help me

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