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There are lots of differences:

Senators serve six year terms; Representatives serve two year terms. There are also far less Senators, only two per state; while a state's number of Representatives is based on how many people live in that state. Additionally, Senators must be at least 30 years old, while Representatives only have to be 25.

The Senate votes on certain things that the House does not. For example, the Senate votes to confirm Cabinet members and treaties with foreign countries, and also acts as the jury during an impeachment trial. The House does none of those things. However, the House has things it does that the Senate does not, such as impeachment.

The House has a "Speaker", who is chosen from among its members to run things. The Speaker has a great deal of power to decide the agenda; the House also has strict rules about how debates are handled. The Senate does not have strict rules about debates (there is where the so-called "filibuster" comes into play), and does not have an equivalent to the Speaker; the agenda is generally set by the leaders of the two parties, especially the majority party's leader.

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The House of Representatives is a body of officials who are elected every 2 years; the Senate elects its officials every 6 years.

That age requirement for a congressperson is 25; the age requirement for a senator is 30.

The number of senators per state is always 2; the number of congress-persons varies depending upon the population of that state.

The House of Representatives can impeach the president; however the Senate is the body that tries the president.

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Q: What are the three differences between the house and senate?
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The house initiates all revenue bills while the senate gives "advice and consent" to treaties and to the major presidential appointments.

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