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The Executive Office includes 3 major policymaking bodies - the National Security Council, the Council of Economic Advisers, and the Office of Management and Budget.

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Q: What are the three policy making bodies of the executive office?
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Executive council is it a policy making body or law making body?

executive polycy making body

What office has more direct contact with the people of Illinois than any other executive office?

The Governor's office in Illinois has more direct contact with the people than any other executive office. The Governor is responsible for leading the state government, making policy decisions, and representing the state to its citizens.

Who helps the president in decision and policy making?

the executive branch

How is policy-making at the executive level made?

The executive level of government is the president and his cabinet, governors and they do not actually make policy but they have a strong voice on what policies are needed and they see that those policies are carried out.

What are the the two offices underneath the jurisdiction of the executive office?

National Security Council Office of Policy Development Office of Management and Budget Council of Economic Advisors White House Office

How are the executive departments and the Executive Office of the President (EOP) different?

the heads of executive departments need to be approve by congress, while the heads of the EOP do not

Why would Congress want to give up policy making authority to the exxecutive branch?

Congress was authorized to delegate some policy making to the executive branch. In recent decades, Congress has practically given up its legislative and regulatory authority by delegating most of it to the executive branch.

How are the president’s cabinet and the executive office of the president (EOP) similar?

both provide advice to the president regarding policy decisions

How are the president's cabinet and the Executive Office of the president (EOP) similar?

both provide advice to the president regarding policy decisions

Which of the following agencies is housed in the executive branch and advises the president on economic policy making?

National Economic Council

What are the four policy making institutions of the us?

The four major ones are the legislature, the executive branch, the courts and the bureaucracies.

Executive Orders 12674 and 12731 form the foundational policy on the ethical conduct of Federal employees. All of the following are violations of these Executive Orders except?

Making authorized commitments