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The non-legislative functions of Congress are the powers and responsibilities NOT related to passing laws. For example: impeachment power, confirmation power, and investigative power

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Only Congress may coin money and levy war.

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Q: What are the two non law making duties of congress?
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What is the constituent power of congress?

The non-legislative power of Constitution-making and the Constitutional Amendment process.

Why are fundamental duties incorporated in Indian constitution when they are non justiciable?

the Fundamental Duties are non-justiciable. It means that the violation of fundamental duties, i.e. the non-performance of these duties by citizens is not punishable.

What non teaching duties have you rendered?

non teaching duties in camous experience as a student teacher

What are the duties of static equipments?

Non-sentient objects do not have duties.

What was the non intercourse act of 1809?

In 1809, congress repead the law. It passed the non-intercourse act, which reopened trade with all countries expect England and france.

What has the author Maarten Smeets written?

Maarten Smeets has written: 'Non-tariff barriers in the Tokyo Round with special reference to subsidies and countervailing duties' -- subject(s): Antidumping duties, Law and legislation, Non-tariff trade barriers, Subsidies, Tokyo Round (1973-1979)

What are two duties of a policeman?

Two primary duties of a policeman are to maintain law and order in the community and to protect the lives and property of residents. They enforce laws, respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, and conduct investigations to maintain peace and safety within the society.

When can congress lift habeas corpus?

If Congress declares martial law, habeas corpus can be suspended. Additionally, habeas corpus does not apply to non-citizens, as shown by the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

What are the duties of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State?

A Non-Muslim citizen of an Islamic state has the same duties as the Muslim citizens. He is supposed to be a loyal and law-abiding citizen. He has equal rights. He can perform his religious rituals according to the teachings of his own religion, provided he does not create law and order situation. In early days of Islam the Non-Muslims had to pay Jizya (tax) for the protection the State provided to him as the Non-Muslims were exempted from serving in the Armed Forces. But it was soon discontinued during the Ummayyad Caliphate..

Who was the first non congress president of India?

Morarji Desai was the first non-congress president of India.

How many congress members make up the law?

It is called a Quorum It isn't only not making laws, if the minimum number of members is not present, congress cannot even talk about passing a bill. (Most history books call this "doing business")

Can a parole officer ask a non parolee for his or her id?

If the Parole Officers in your state are classified as Law Enforcement Officers (they ARE in most states) yes, in the performance of their official duties, they may.