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A few of them are:





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Q: What are the word families for despotism?
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What is a synonym for autocracy?

Autocracy can also be called despotism.

What is a good sentence using the word despotism?

The levels of despotism are ...Then you continue to construsct your sentence depending on what it is that you really want to say about it.

What are synonyms of the word 'despotism'?

* autocracy * dictatorship * totalitarianism * tyranny

A sentence with the word depot?

The real word is despotism, not depotism.

Use the word despotism in a sentence?

Many early civilizations ruled with despotism; power being held by one person.

How do you use the word despotism in a sentence?

In the Julian Alvarez's novel In the Time of the Butterflies, El Jefe, the antagonist practiced despotism.

What is the plural word for family?

The plural word for family is families.

When was The New Despotism created?

The New Despotism was created in 1929.

What is the absrtact noun for tyrant?

The abstract noun form of the concrete noun 'despot' is despotism.

Sentence with despotism?

Despotism is, essentially, an abuse of power. An example sentence would be: Many people think that police show a lot of despotism.

What does absolute despotism mean in the declaration?

Absolute Despotism is a form of government that allows no definition of reality other than that promulgated by the government. Under Absolute Despotism, the point of view of the individual is to be destroyed, when that point of view disagrees with the view generated by Absolute Despotism.

What are the release dates for Despotism - 1946?

Despotism - 1946 was released on: USA: 1946