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the three levels are president, vice president, and the speaker of the house.

president is the head of the executive branch

vice president helps the president in making decisions

the speaker of the house represents the whole congress

they all ascend a level every time their terms are over

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Q: What are three levels of executives and what do they do?
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What are the three levels of management?

The three levels of management are the first level, which are supervisors or retail managers. The second level is mid-level managers and are intermediaries between lower-level managers and the highest level within the management. The upper level managers are the top executives in a company.

What are three basic levels of management that can be identified in most organizations?

Three basic layers of management are usually some version of front line supervisors, middle managers and executives. The front line supervisors are the direct supervisors of line staff. The managers are responsible for supervising the front line supervisors. The executives are the direct supervisors of the middle managers and also the leaders of the company.

What three executive departments did Washington organize after taking office?

What are the four departments in the states executives branch

What is executives president?

executives privilege

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there are three levels are in the tower

Name three levels of cellular orgonization in an animal?

The three levels are: - organism - species -ecosystem.

What are a group of executives called?

A board of executives

What are the three levels of canada?

The three levels of government in Canada are:Municipal (towns, cities)Provincial/TerritorialFederal

What are plural executives?

The word "executives" is already plural.

Is sales executives purchase executives?

is sales purchase

List three levels of desinfectant?

High, intermediate, and low are the three levels of disinfection. This is in the context of medical devices.

Is the American bureaucracy involved with politics or policy?

For the most part, bureaucracies in the United States are involved with the functions of carrying out governmental policies. Due to the nature of legislatures and executives in all levels of government, bureaucracies tend to favor legislatures and executives who are in favor of maintaining and expanding the size of government bureaucracies.