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Congress can declare war (senate) and ratify treaties.

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Article I of the US Constitution deals specifically with the establishment and powers of Congress. Section 8 gives Congress the power to coin money and to declare and collection of taxes.

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Q: What are two expressed powers of the Congress?
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What are expressed powers?

Expressed powers are powers written down for Congress in the Constitution.

Are all powers of congress specifically listed in the constitution expressed powers or reserved powers?

Expressed powers are powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution.

What are expressed powers know as?

expressed powers-powers given to congress IN THE CONSTITUTION hope that helps! xoxo

Congress has expressed powers implied powers and what powers?

Inherent power

What powers does congress possess according to the constitution?

expressed powers

What is Powers Congress that are specifically spelled out in the constitution?

Expressed Powers

Which article are the powers of the congress listed in?

Congress' powers are listed in Article one of the Constitution. Specific powers are enumerated in section eight. Congress has expressed powers that are written in the Constitution and implied powers that are not expressed.

How does congress get implied powers?

based on at least one of the expressed powers

Define expressed powers and implied powers?

Expressed powers are powers spcificaly given to Congress in the Constitution and Implied powers are given to the Congress in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution at least that is what my history book says.

Who do expressed powers belong to?

Congress has several expressed powers. Some of these powers are the power to declare war, the power to naturalize citizens and the power to raise an army.

What expresses power?

Expressed powers are powers written down for Congress in the Constitution.

What did framers give congress to protect liberty and specify its powers?

Expressed Powers