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Q: What are two things colonists stood to lose if they declared their independence from Great Britain?
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What did the Articles of Confederation do?

Article of Confederation is a written document that states the functions of the national government of the United States. This was after it declared independence from Great Britain.

Why did the french decide to help the patriots in their war for independence?

The French helped the patriots because earlier, in the French and Indian war, France and Britain were enemies and fought over the American land. When the Patriots proved themselves in the fight at Yorktown, France took it as a chance to get back at Britain.

What three things did the Declaration of Independence do?

The Declaration of Independence made three basic statements. That all men had certain rights that were given them by their Creator. That any government that abrogated those rights was tyrannical and should be rebelled against. That being the case, the American Colonies were declaring their Independence from Great Britain, and would fight to secure that Independence if necessary.

Why did great Britain decide to tax the 13 colonies?

King George III needed funds to pay for the artillery used in the French and Indian War. He didn't have them, so he taxed the colonies for something they weren't even a part of. King George taxed the colonists because he felt that he was always there to protect the colonists with his army and all that stuff, so he decided that the colonists should pay him back. The colonists got really mad and some decided that they would not buy the things that King George put taxes on.

Why were the colonies mad at King George?

The Colonies were mad at King George because of the taxes that were being imposed on them for things they needed to survive in the New World. The Stamp Act and the tax on tea were the last straw for the Colonists.

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What did Britain declared?

They've declared lots of things

What did the colonists worry they would lose if they gained their independence from Britain?

Colonist worried they would lose many things if they became indpendent from Britain. They were afraid they would lose lots of things they imported, and their sense of security.

What things did the colonists do to stop the British laws?

they first revolted, then wrote the declaration of Independence

Why did they make the Declaration of Independence?

Because this is when Britain and America was fighting for independence. Britain were putting taxes on alot of things and America wanted to be free. America after they won the war they made the Declaraton of Independence.

What three things does the Declaration of Independence state?

The American Declaration of Independence states a lot more than three things. It's essentially the summary to Britain as to why the colonies wanted their independence and how they thought the country should be run.

What did Great Britain do to make the colonists want to leave in search for freedom?

Great Britain tried to make the Anglican Church the church of the nation. The colonists fled in search of a land that would allow them freedom to practice their religion, or no religion at all.

What happened on 1776?

One of the many things that happened that year was that America was officially formed, having formally gained its independence from Britain, after signing the Declaration of Independence.

Why did the colonists use the Boston massacre against the British?

Colonists opposed the taxes being given on things such as tea. Decided to dump it all out costing Britain to lose a lot of money.

Which event caused Britain to pass The Intolerable Acts?

The colonists refused to pay anything, and stopped buying things.

Major purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

The actual reason for the Declaration of Independence was not only to make law but to formally explain why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, and too keep all of those things from happening again.

To whom are the listed complaints or grievances against?

In the Declaration of Independence, the colonists list the things that the King and Parliament have done which are unjust. They demand that the King redress these wrongs.

Who did germany invade to began war?

It was the invasion of Poland that really got things moving and i believe when that happened, thats when Great Britain declared war.