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All of them.

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Q: What areas of domestic or foreign policy would be impacted if the United States were to split the head of state and head of government roles?
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What does national government provide?

The purpose of the national government of the United States is to protect its citizens. This protection applies to both foreign and domestic threats.

Is a tax on products coming to America from foreign countries controlled by the national government or the states?

Foreign goods have a tariff placed on them by the federal government, this is done primarily to keep cheap goods from shutting down domestic businesses.

What are the Domestic implications of foreign policy?

If a country is poor the international politics dominate her and for the richer states these are power games.

Do the majority of Hamilton relate to domestic or to foreign affairs?

Most were domestic, he focused on unity in the colonies.

What describes the foreign policy of America in the 1800s?

the united states concentrated more on domestic rather than foreign affairs A+Ls

Why are states involved in conducting domestic affairs but prohibited from engaging in foreign affairs?

Conserve the tin.

Protection from foreign is established in the constitution promise to provide for what?

Common Defense

What piece of advice in George Washington and and ldquoFarewell Address and impacted government policy for decades?

One piece of advice in George Washington's Farewell Address that impacted government policy for decades is his emphasis on maintaining neutrality and avoiding permanent alliances with foreign nations. This advice shaped the United States' policy of avoiding entangling alliances and pursuing a policy of cautious neutrality, which guided American foreign policy for many years. It influenced decisions such as the Monroe Doctrine and provided a framework for American isolationism during periods of global conflict.

Is it true that sovereign states decide their own foreign and domestic policies?

Yes unless it interfers with others and then they get involved.

What is the government supposed to do?

The Federal Government's essential duties include defending the United States from foreign aggression, representing U.S. interests abroad, creating and enforcing national laws and regulations, and administering domestic programs and agencies.

How do you write a thesis sentence for foreign policy?

The President of the United States has more influence over foreign policy than over domestic policy. Go on to explain both and then focus on foreign policy.

What is the role of the state in government in the United states?

To carry out the nation's foreign policy.