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Could not sell their goods

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Q: What caused Shays' Rebellion and what was one effect?
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Describe the conditions that led to Shays's Rebellion?

What caused the rebellion was the taxes that were levied on colonist by the states to try to pay off post war debt. The colonist felt that the taxes were unfair and wanted help like tax relief and moratorium on debt. They were not successful as a military force and was quickly disbursed by the Army in 1787, it brought attention to the need for a new constitution in America.

What did 12 states decide to do after Shays's Rebellion?

Shay's rebellion provided one of the reasons for the Constitutional Convention. Since Congress had not been meeting, there had been no way for the states to join together to fight the rebellion. The new Constitution made the President the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He would always be on the job even when congress went home. If another rebellion occurred then he would be available to call up the troops and put down the rebellion.

What was the result of shays rebellion to the us government?

Shay's Rebellion was an event of monumental importance in United States history. The general basis of the revolt outlined the overall ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation, prompting delegates to come together to draft the current Constitution of the United States. Shay's Rebellion showed just how dangerous it was to have a weak central government.

What is Shey's Rebellion?

The rebellion started on August 29, 1786, and by January 1787, over one thousand Shaysites had been arrested. A militia that had been raised as a private army defeated an attack on the federal Springfield Armory by the main Shaysite force on February 3, 1787, and four rebels were killed in the action. The leader Daniel Shays was a former Captain in the Continental Army, under General George Washington. Daniel Shays and many other former Continental Army members and other now local farmers were being taxed out of their farm's and property. After many attempt's to have the Massachusetts Government respond and do something about these people losing their homes and livelihood's they organized many meeting, much like they did before the revolution to no avail. They then started closing down debtor courts and releasing imprisoned debtors from jail. This lead to the full scale revolt, 'Shay's Rebellion'.Massachusetts Governor James Bowdoin organized the military force funded through taxes on eastern merchants to confront the rebels.The importance of this rebellion is the closeness of George Washington to Captain Shay's and other's that were losing everything they fought against Britain to guarantee to everyone in America. This led George Washington to once again step up for his country and be the chair residing over the Constitutional Convention.There was a lack of an institutional response to the uprising, which energized calls to reevaluate the Articles of Confederation and gave strong impetus to the Philadelphia Convention which began on May 17, 1787. Shays' Rebellion produced fears that the Revolution's democratic impulse had gotten out of hand.

Persons who led the 1763 rebellion in berbice to revolts?

hi every one I'm trying to find out the majour persons involed the the berbice rebellion in 1763

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What caused Shays rebellion what was one effect?

Could not sell their goods

Did Daniel Shays die in Shays' Rebellion?

No Daniel Shays did not died in the Shays's Rebellion. After his rebellion fail, he was condamened to a death penalty. Even tho others of his rebellion were granted forgiveness, Daniel Shays was not one of them because the govenment was very scared of him and what he was capable of doing. Then he was killed.

What was one effect on shays rebellion?

state governments refused to provide relief to stuggling farmers

What was caused by economic pressure?

hmm a lot of things for instance shays's Rebellion was one in U.S.A. history but i don't know what you want here re post more specifically please.

What is Daniel Shays best remembered for?

Shays led a group of farmers in an aborted revolt known as Shays' Rebellion. Angry over foreclosures caused largely by the government's failure under the Articles of Confederation to pay wages owed to Revolutionary War soldiers, farmers attempted to raid a federal arsenal but were turned back by a private army (hired because Congress hadn't paid the current national army at the time either and was terrified of the risk that they too would revolt). Though Shays didn't immediately succeed, his rebellion did create the catalyst needed to bring delegates to Philadelphia for what would become known as the Constitutional Convention.

What were the effects of Shays's Rebellion?

state governments refused to provide relief to stuggling farmers

What exposed the defects of the Articles of Confederation?

One event was Shays Rebellion in 1786, which threatened the state government of Massachusetts until put down by a private militia force.

How did Shays' Rebellion lead to the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

People realized the Articles of Confederation were too weak.

What were the effects of shays rebellion?

One was the preference for the "Virginia Plan" seeking a strong central government. The Constitution of the US was finally ratified and Massachusetts under the new governorship of John Hancock and the reprive of the Rebels was finally able to achieve a more peaceful and stable form of government.

Did shays rebellion demonstrate the need for a stronger central government?

Before Shay's Rebellion, only congress could call the army into action. When Shay's Rebellion began, congress was not in session. No one had the authority to do anything. A movement arose to change the constitution so someone had the authority to act when congress was not in session. The new constitution made the President the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He would be on duty when Congress was not in session. If a rebellion happened, he would be able to act.

Shay's Rebellion in 1787 was an attack on who?

Shayâ??s Rebellion began as a series of protests by farmers against their state and local government then turned bloody. Objecting to state enforcements of tax and credit debt collections, protests arose in states from New Hampshire to South Carolina with the rebellion in Massachusetts being the most intense.

What was the cause of Daniel Shays leading a rebellion in MA?

Daniel Shays was a farmer, who led the rebellion along with other poor farmers. The United States was still under the Articles of Confederation, and in debt from the American Revolution. In order to help pay off the debt, they raised taxes, which hurt the farmers. Daniel Shays and the farmers in turn attacked an armory in Massachusetts, and it took the local militia to bring it down. This highlighted the weakness of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation, and was just one step towards the drafting of the US Constitution.