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Q: What caused the national debt in 1783?
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US debt caused by presidents from 1980 to now equals national debt total now?


What problems were caused by the national debt the United States had at the end of the American revolution?

The biggest problem that was caused by the national debt of the United States of America at the end of the American Revolution was the need to create a tax system. The national debt, at that time, was mainly financed by the country of France.

What caused national debt to increase under Barack Obama?

Yo face!

Why did the revolution occur in France?

It was caused becacuse of the massive French National Debt.

What was the national debt in 1791?

the national debt was something used to create national debt

National debt in 2003?

What was the national debt in 2003?

What is the US national debt?

The US National Debt is nearly $16,963,703,000, or 16.9 trillion dollars.

What is the amount national debt in Peru?

$350,000,000 in national debt

What was the underlying reason that caused the French Revolution?

France had a major National debt, an unfair tax code and an unresponsive government.

What 3 factors caused the French Revolution?

A huge National debt, an unfair tax code and the lack of proportional representation.

When did the US first incur the national debt?

The first incur of the national debt was predominantly when the US first began as a country, the expense of the American revolution was somewhat around 75.4 million dollars. Over time, due to expansion and purchase by the nation this caused more debt to accumulate and fluctuate.

What is a sentence for the word national debt?

The national debt of this country is ridiculous.