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This is a complicated question with no easy answers.

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The Saudi Yemeni War happen because of power. This war happened in the year 1934.

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Q: What caused the war between the north and south Yemen?
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Why Yemen was divided into 2North and South?

Why yemen was divided into 2, North and SouthWhy yemen was divided into 2, North and SouthWhy yemen was divided into 2, North and South

Is Yemen located on the south or north side of the equator or is it on it?

Yemen is entirely north of the equator.

Who designed the flag of Yemen?

The flag of Yemen after North and South Yemen unified became the Arab Liberation flag of 1952.

When did south and north Yemen unite as a republic?


What is the name of the gulf north of Somalia and south of Yemen?

The Gulf of Aden is north of Somalia and south of Yemen. The Mediterranean Sea is not a gulf.

When was Yemen found?

It was founded when north and south yemen united in 1990

What are the people like in North Yemen?

the people like in the north yemen is the Mountains end The fortresses Fine

What nation is south is Saudi Arabia and west of Oman?

Yemen is. It is on the gulf of Aden and north of Somalia.

Is Yemen a communist country?

South yemen was a a former communist state from 1969 till 1990. The unifcation of north amd south yemen in the 90s put an end to the communist rule

What country is located north of the guld fo Aden?

TO the north is Yemen and to the south is Somalia.

What is the location of Yemen?

Yemen is the middle east, west of Oman, south of Saudi Arabia, and north of the Indian Ocean.

Do South Yemen have legal rights to secede from North Yemen?

AS Basically known that all people have legal right to determine there political system or direction,with south Yemen the unity between North and south only come in being in the recent years it depends on the majority of each two to choose whether they will stay united none among the to have right to object to future judgement of his partners if the admirer to secede.