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The varna-based and tribal societies also depended on each other for their diverse needs. This relationship of conflict and dependence, gradually caused both societies to change.

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Q: What changes took place in varna based society?
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What was the purpose of varna system?

The purpose of the varna system was to separate the thousands of jati in Indian society that were grouped together into four classes.

Is the Varna System the same thing as the Caste System?

The Varna system is a traditional social classification in Hindu society dividing people into four main categories based on occupation, while the caste system is a complex social hierarchy where individuals are born into a specific hereditary social group that determines their status and occupation. The Varna system is a theoretical model, while the caste system is a rigid and discriminatory social structure that has evolved from it.

What are the merits on which the Varna system is based on?

Varnas are lifestyles to be selected depending on living conditions.There are four Varnas1. Brahmana Varna - for ideal living conditions2. Kshatriya Varna - for normal living conditions3. Vaishya Varna - for tolerable living conditions4. Shudra Varna - for chaotic living conditions.1. We if select our Varna on the above basis, even if our living conditions change from ideal to chaos, there would be minimal changes in the feelings induced in us.2. Higher the Varna lower would be the freedom. Thus, lower the Varna faster would be the progress. Brahmanas, with absolutely no freedom, would have very little chance to progress. Thus, sooner or later, the Varna system would make all the Hindus equal.All religions suppose that all of its followers are equal.Hinduism is the one and only religion that makes all its followers actually equal, thanks to the Varna system that enables people in the lower strata progress faster.The rampant discrimination in Hinduism is due to the fact that most Hindus don't understand the merits of the Varna system and try to stay away from it.

What did early Hindus mean by varna dharma?

they meant like a sanskrit term for the caste system about the society and people.

What is bad about the Varna system?

"what is bad about the varna system" is not the same question as "what is varna" varna is Hindu religious-social group known as a "caste"

How long to get to varna bulgeria?

It depends on the place you come from. And by the way the right spelling is BulgAria!

What is the population of Varna?

Varna's population is 334,870.

What four castes was Hindu society clearly divided?

There are about 3000 castes and 25, 000 sub castes in Hinduism. Therefore, the question must be about the four Varnas into which Hindu society is divided.The Hindu society was and is divided into four Varnas.They are,1. Brahmana Varna2. Kshatriya Varna3. Vaishya Varna4. Shudra Varna.DIVISION OF HINDU LIFE INTO FOUR VARNAS:It has to be mentioned here that it is not only the Hindu society that is divided into four Varnas. The life of every Hindu can be divided into four Varnas.1. Brahmana Varna - ideal part of life2. Kshatriya Varna - normal part of life3. Vaishya Varna - tolerable part of life4. Shudra Varna - chaotic part of life.It has to be mentioned here that the Varnas are not based on occupations as popularly believed. The relationship between Varnas and occupations is symbolic and not factual.The Varnas, like Karma, Moksha and Brahman, are not visible and not compatible with languages. Therefore, each of them is symbolically associated with a basic occupation.

Which varna was Mahavira?

Mahavira's varna was Kshatriya, or warrior.

What is the area of Varna?

The area of Varna is 238 square kilometers.

What is the population of Varna Province?

The population of Varna Province is 468,238.

When did Siege of Varna happen?

Siege of Varna happened in 1828.