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equal protection

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Q: What clause was concerned with how governments treated citizens or different races?
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What clauses was concerned with how governments treated citizens of different races?

equal protection

What Claus was concerned with how governments treated citizens of different races?

Equal Protection

What did the equal protections clause apply to?

widespread use by the Civil Rights Movement in the court pathway How Governments treated citizens of different races(:

What law was concerned with how governments treated citizens?

in crimal cases what law states that you can use laws differently just because you don't like that person

How can governments ensure citizens are treated fairly?

the real question is why do they

Were German citizens treated then same way as the Jews were?

People who were not Jews were treated differently than the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some of the Jews were German citizens but they were treated as Jews.

How did the state constitutions limit the power of their governments?

the state never treated most citizens rite until the 19th ammendment... srry:D

Why is it the governments primary purpose is to protect the interests of business?

The primary interest of governments is to promote the general welfare of its citizens. Another primary purpose is to take measures to insure that the country can deflect and defeat enemies threatening the nation. As for businesses, the government must insure that employees are treated fairly.

How were non citizens treated in Sparta?

Not good

How were women treated during the puritan era?

They were treated as subordiante or second-class citizens.

How were Kurdish people generally treated during the twentieth century?

Governments treated them poorly, especially in Iraq and Turkey

How were infertile women treated in Nazi Germany?

Many citizens of Nazi Germany were treated extremely poorly. They were usually put to death or in concentration camp. The treatment was no different for infertile women who were thought to be harmful to society.