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England/Great Britain.
The new Americans fought the countrymen of their homeland, Great Britain.
The USA fought England

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great Britain

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Q: What country did the US fight in the Revolutionary War?
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What country did the US fight duting the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

What country did US fight during the revolutionary way?

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

What country did the US fight against in the Revolutionary War?

Great Britain. As the name suggests, this war was a revolution against British rule of the American colonies.

What did Juan de Miralles do to help us in the revolutionary war?

By being brave enought to fight in the revolutionary war!

Who did the US fight in the war to win freedom?

Revolutionary If you are talking about the Revolutionary War, then the answer would be the British. (Redcoats, Brits, English, United Kingdomites)

What second war did the US fight the British?

The US fought the British in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

What county did the us fight during the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

What country did the US defeat in the Revolutionary War?


What did the US and Great Britain fight about in the second American Revolutionary war?

There was never a second American Revolutionary War, there was only one.

What country did you fight during the Revolutionary War and why?

This is kind of a personal question to users. Also, many of us were not in the Revolutionary War or would not like to share information about ourselves. If you do have this kind of question for anyone in paticular, please contact them on their message board.

How did the US get its own country?

its got its own state because of the revolutionary war had ended in the war of 1873 because of the pensavia war on sea where the british helped the british help the colonists to fight the americansbut the indias helped the colonists fight and you know what they won the war so thats how it got its own country.

What country was the first to recognize the US as a country after becoming their ally?

France after the revolutionary war