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Q: What date was the first Federal Register printed?
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Can I resell a car without putting the title in my name first?

As long as you dont date or put your name on the tittle. You have ten days to register the car after the date printed on the tittle.

What is the value of a 10 dollar bill from the Federal Reserve of Cleveland Ohio?

More information is needed. Please check your bill again for its date and see the question "What is the value of a [date] US 10 dollar bill?" for more information. The bill was distributed through the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank but wasn't printed there. Depending on its date it could have been printed in Washington or Fort Worth.

Register date life insurance policy?

Register date is usually a Fraternal Co. term and is more like an effective date. The register date can be the application date or the issue date. It is not really relevant.

What is the value of a 1976 A US 2 dollar bill?

There's no 1976-A series of $2 bills. All were printed in the first series which doesn't have a letter next to the date. You may be referring to the Federal Reserve District letter.

Was there a 1000 dollar bill in 1876?

The first federal $1000 bills were printed during the Civil War so they definitely existed in 1876 although none were printed with that specific date. However many private banks were also allowed to issue money at that time so it's possible you have a privately-printed bill. Please post a new question with more information about its design.

What date was 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' first printed?

On July 8, 1999 Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban was released... I'm not sure when the actual first one was printed. I hope this helped.

How can one register in Tagged?

It is quite simple to register on Tagged. You go to register, put your first and last name, email address, password, country, city, language, gender and birth of date and press next.

What is the value of a 1913 US 10.00 federal reserve note?

There were no $10 FRNs printed with that date. The first ones were issued in 1914 and come in 2 varieties, red seal and blue seal. Please check your bill and post a new question.

Which date is printed on a patent?

The date the patent was granted.

What is value of 1928 20 dollar bill printed in Houston?

its worth about three hundred dollars. If in mint to mildly used conditionCorrectionThere could not be a bill printed in Houston. Federal Reserve Notes are printed for a particular district but they up till 1988 all of them were printed in Washington DC, and the south-central district is based in Dallas. In addition there are both gold certificates and Federal Reserve Notes with that date. Please see the Related Question for more information.

Is the copyright date of a book the same as the publication date?

publishers date is when the work was first printed... copyright date is when the work was first copyrigted... i don't believe they are different to often but I could be wrong... copyright dates usually have the the copyright symbol next to them (that little c in the circle) so you can tell them apart

What is the value of a 20 dollar bill from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago?

Please post a new, separate question that includes your bill's date and what letter, if any, is underneath / next to the date. To clarify, your bill was only distributed by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, not printed there. Prior to 1991 all US paper money was printed in Washington. Since then bills are also made at a second printing plant in Fort Worth.