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Q: What determined the order in which the cabinet members would succed to the office of president?
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What group of people help the president make decisions?

His cabinet members and the member of the executive office of the government (EOP)

Who appoints US cabinet secretaries?

The Secretary of State is appointed by the President as part of his cabinet However, it is not quite so simple as that. The position of "Secretary of State" is not one of appointment, meaning no one is appointed to the position. Instead, the President nominates a candidate for the position. The candidate is then presented to the United States Senate, where a vote is held to confirm or reject the candidate. The candidate is sworn into duty once they gain the simple majority needed to be confirmed to the position.

What makes up the outer office of the presidency?

The remaining members not used in the Inner Cabinet.

Does the president pick his successor?

false because if the office of the president becomes vacant the vice president becomes president. next in order of succession iis the speaker of the house then president pro tempore of the senate then members of the cabinet starting with the secretary of state. if the president is ill and cannot serve the vice president can become president temporarily.

What are the executive department of the officials called?

The Executive Department of the United States consists of the President and all those who report to him. This includes the Vice-President, all Cabinet Secretaries, all employees of Cabinet Departments, and all employees of the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice-President. An Executive Department Official is any official of any of these Departments, including the President and Vice-President themselves.

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What group of people help the president make decisions?

His cabinet members and the member of the executive office of the government (EOP)

What is the term of office for the cabinet member?

Cabinet members do not serve a fixed term. They serve at the will of the President and appointment expires if the President leaves office, but they can be re-appointed if the President so chooses.

What determines the order in which the cabinet members would succeed to the office of president?

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Who appoints cabinet secretarys?

The President names his cabinet members who must be confirmed by the US Senate before they can take office.

Does the president appoint the members of the Executive Office?

Yes - these are mostly the cabinet members. Senate approval of the appointments is required.

What is the job of the president cabinet members?

Each member of the President's Cabinet heads one of the Executive office's branches of government. They are responsible for overseeing the operation of the Federal Government.

How long does a president's cabinet run for?

Cabinet members serve at the President's discretion. They serve until they are asked to resign by the President or until the President who appointed them leaves office or until they voluntarily resign for personal reasons.

What group of office holders fall in the line of presidential success after the president pro tempore of the senate?

cabinet members

Who and what makes up the executive branch?

The President | The Vice President Executive Office of the President | The Cabinet

Who is responsible for naming leaders?

In the US, the department leaders are known as cabinet secretaries and make up the President's cabinet.The US President is responsible for choosing his cabinet members but they must be confirmed by the US Senate before they can take office.

Is the main office or institution of the Executive Branch the President's Cabinet?

I would say the Presidency is the main office of the Executive branch. The President is the chief executive officer. The cabinet secretaries and other officials of cabinet rank are secondary to the President.

What are the functions of us cabinet members?

Established in Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, the Cabinet's role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member's respective office. The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments.