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A junior senator has served in the senate for a shorter time than the other senator from his state; that other senator from his state is a senior senator.

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Q: What determines junior and senior senators?
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Howmany senators do we have?

Each state has two senators a Junior Senator and a Senior Senator and there is 50 states so there is 100 Senators throughout the entire United States.

Who is junior and senior senator?

There are 2 senators from each state each serving 6-year terms. The senator with the longer term in office is known as the "senior" senator while the other is known as the "junior" senator.

Are members of the US Senate are elected from districts?

United States Senators represent an entire state. There are two Senators for each state (a junior and a senior).

How do you determine whom the senator and junior senators are?

You look at how long each has served in the senate. The one who has served the longest is the "senior senator."

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Who are your two US Senators in the legislative branch?

My two Legislative representatives for Florida are senior Senator Bill Nelson and junior Senator George LeMieux.

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