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He was born in 1938 in Britain and was not involved in the Holocaust.

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Q: What did David Irving do in the Holocaust?
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What was David Irving's interpretation of the holocaust?

that is a pointless and potentially offensive interpretation to repeat.

What is David Irving most known for?

There are a number of semi-famous men named David Irving, but the most popularly known one is the British author, conspicuous for his being a Holocaust denier.

What is David Irving's birthday?

David Irving was born on March 24, 1938.

When was David Irving born?

David Irving was born on March 24, 1938.

When was David Irving - footballer - born?

David Irving - footballer - was born on 1951-09-10.

When did Michael David Irving Gass die?

Michael David Irving Gass died in 1983.

How old is David Irving?

David Irving is 73 years old (birthdate: March 24, 1938).

Who were some of the key people who dispute what holocaust deniers say?

David Irving. The deniers say that the gas chambers were really just showers, and that the poison used to kill Jews was actually used to kill lice. They also say that deaths were due to disease because of the lack of vaccines and also because of starvation. Holocaust deniers think the the Jews doctored photos from the Holocaust. Look up Lipstadt v. Irving.

What has become of Hitler apologist David Irving since he lost all his suits and was sued again and lost too?

The court found that his book had distorted the history of Hitler's role in the Holocaust.

David Bergman holocaust survivor?

yes he is a survivor of the holocaust

What is the birth name of David McAlmont?

David McAlmont's birth name is David Irving McAlmont.

What is a good prop for the Holocaust?

the star of david