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Federalists thought it was essential for the government to enforce taxes

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Enforce taxes A+

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Q: What did Federalists think was essential for the government to do?
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What is a federalist form of government?

Central power and less authorities

The first partisan political division in the US was between?

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists

Why are the Federalists and Anti- Federalists debates still relevant today?

yes because they still think that the government might abuse its power yet the government is still standing

Anti-federalists and the increase of power of the central government?

Anti-federalists and the increase the power of the central government?

Why do you think the founders of our country had to write out these freedoms bill of rights amendments?

Well, it's because the Anti- Federalists wanted freedom and didn't want the Constitution like the Federalists did. The Federalists wanted the Anti- Federalists work together and create a new and better system of government.

What did the federalists support big?

The Federalists were against the Constitution. They wanted their government to be a monarchy -- more like Englands government.

How did the federalists feel about a strong central government?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government whereas the Republicans feared a strong central government.

The Anti-Federalists believed the Federalists wanted to return to what form of government?

parliamentary A+

What did the the anti- federalists want?

The Anti Federalists did not want a strong central government.

Who should have power in the government?


Do the federalists believe in a strong government?


What did Federalists feared?

a weak government