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Q: What did German government decide to do on february 1 1917?
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What did the German government decide to begin on February 1 1917?

on feb 1 1917 German government decided to begin submarine warfare unrestricted

In the Telegram what did the German government decide to begin on Feb1 1917?

alliance with Mexico

Which government was overthrown in Russia during November of 1917?

The Russian Provisional Government under Alexander Kerensky was overthrown in November 1917. The Tsarist state had been overthrown in February of 1917 in the February Revolution.

What 1917 event put an end to rule by czars and established a communist government?

The February Revolution of 1917 in Russia put an end to the rule of the Tsars but it did not establish a communist government. The communist government was not established until later that year in the October Revolution.

Who was the winner of the German Bundesliga in 1917?

The German Bundesliga in 1917 was suspended due to war.

What were the naval consequences of the German unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917?

The renewal of unrestricted German submarine warfare had devastating effects on shipping in 1917. In terms of tonnage, the Germans sank 540,000 tons in February 1917, 578,000 in March and 874,000 tons in April. Anti-submarine measures by the Allies, however, began to reduce this calamity.

What government took control of Russia during the February 1917 Revolution?

The "Provisional Government" took control of Russia after the February Revolution. It was supposed to be temporary until a democratically elected Constituent Assembly could be elected and then create a constitutional form of government.

Who was the head of Russia's Provisional Government after the February Revolution of 1917?

Prince Georgy Lvov assumed power after the March, actually called the February Revolution, in Russia. The result of this revolution was that the Tsar of Russia abdicated the throne and the Provisional Government with Lvov as Prime Minister was set up to maintain order until the Constituent Assembly could be seated. About 3 months after Lvov took over, he resigned and Alexander Kerensky became the leader. In the October Revolution he and the Provisional Government were overthrown by Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik followers. Lenin did not take power after the February Revolution.

Why Bolshevik leaders in Russia wanted peace with Germany in 1917 because the Russian government?

wanted to retain power and avoid German occupation

How and why did Lenin return to Russia in April 1917?

Lenin was isolated in neutral Switzerland during the beginning of World War I. After receiving news of the February 1917 Revolution in Russia, he wanted to return there immediately to give instructions to the Bolsheviks about how to continue with the revolution and to defeat the Provisional Government. A Swiss Communist convinced the German government to send Lenin safely to Russia on a sealed train. The German government hoped that Lenin would provoke political unrest in his homeland, forcing Russia to surrender to the Germans, which would allow Germany to pull troops away from the Eastern Front to focus on the war in the Western Front.

What are the release dates for Pride - 1917?

Pride - 1917 was released on: USA: 5 February 1917

What are the release dates for Gone But Where - 1917?

Gone But Where - 1917 was released on: USA: 24 February 1917