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Louis Jolliet, the French-Canadian explorer, went through Lake Michigan to Green Bay, then followed the Fox River, through marshes, to the Wisconsin River. From the point of the later settlement of Portage, he continued exploring until he entered the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, meaning Jolliet was the first to explore and map the Mississippi River for Europe (obviously Native Americans had "discovered" the river previous to him). After mapping several hundred miles, Jolliet stopped within 500 miles of the Gulf of Mexico, where he turned back at the mouth of the Arkansas River. They followed the Mississippi back north and learned from local natives of the Illinois River, which was a shorter route back to the Great Lakes. He had turned back for fear of meeting other (Spanish in particular) European explorers.

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Nothing. He did nothing because he was to old and lazy to do anything so he hierd other people to do the sailing for him, and he took all of the credit.

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Q: What did Louis Jolliet accomplish?
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One interesting fact about Louis Jolliet is Louis Jolliet's dad died when he was 7 (seven) years old

Who did Louis Jolliet sail for?

Louis Jolliet sailed for the governor of New France (now Canada).

What country and city was Louis Jolliet born?

Louis Jolliet was born in a French settlement near Quebec City, Canada.

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What were Louis jolliet's fears?

Louis Jolliet's fears included encountering hostile Indigenous tribes, navigating treacherous rapids and waterfalls on the river, and facing unknown dangers in uncharted territories.

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Louis Jolliet died on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in 1700.

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No. He was Canadian.