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Polly cooper grew elderly, she had 10 children, and she donated sperm to the clinics.

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Q: What did Polly Cooper do after the Revolutoinary War?
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When did the Revolutoinary war start?


Where was polly cooper born?

Polly Cooper's birth place is unknown to history.

What did Thomas Jeffersen do during Revolutoinary war?

He was in France

What treaty ended the Revolutoinary War?

Treaty of Paris

What country did the us fight during the revolutoinary war?

The British

When did polly cooper die?


Does Polly cooper have siblings?


What year did polly Cooper die?

No one knows where she died. That mystery is still trying to be solved.

What was polly cooper doing before the war?

She was being an Oneida woman LOLz.....:) jk jk no one really knows

What year was Polly Cooper born?


Who is polly Cooper?

Polly Cooper was an Oneida woman that played an important part of Revolutionary War. She aided George Washington and his men at Valley Forge that freezing winter of 1777-78. She brought corn to feed them and also helped the sick/wounded. She was awarded a shawl for her efforts. Hope this helped! ;)

What was Polly Cooper's clan?

The Oneida tribe, part of the Iroquois nation.