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because they wanted to

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thy can together for a meeting

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Q: What did most of the people who came together to revolt have in common in the french revolution?
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How did the storming of the Bastille effect the French Revolution?

The French revolution sent shock waves through the European monarchy. It left them all wondering who would be the next to be depose in a revolution. Many people around the world were affected by the french revolution not just England. It changed the way that people thought about being run by a monarchy or a royal family. People started to realise that this was not the way that many countries should have been run and wanted a change. The main reason Australia is a democracy today was because of the french revolution and fight against the monarchy.

How many people died during the glorious revolution?

The French Revolution entered the period of the Terror in 1793-1794. This was a very bloody year seeing to the death of over 40,000 people.

How did the American Revolution affect people in modern day culture?

The American Revolution has a definite effect on people in modern day culture. Specifically, the United States might not exist today if not for the Revolution. Furthermore, the American Revolution was what inspired the French to revolt. If the American Revolution hadn't happened, there would be repercussions worldwide today.

What did Robespierre do?

Robespierre brought the Reign of Terror to France opposing anybody who was against the French Revolution. He killed between 16,000-40,000 people but eventually people were afraid of getting their heads cut off so he was arrested and executed by the guillotine.

Citizen Edmond Genet?

Edmond-Charles Genet was the French Ambassador in the United States during the French Revolution. He is called citizen Genet and he tried to recruit people to join the French and fight the British.

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What is the french revolution with Britain and France?

Britain was not involved in the French Revolution. The common people overthrew the French aristocrats.

Which class made up the majority of the people during the French Revolution?

The Commoners were common.

Which was not a cause of the French Revolution?

There are a lot of things that are not results of the French Revolution. However, to give you a reasonable answer, you will need to resubmit the question with the choices.

Did people have rights during the french revolution?

Yes, people did have rights during the french revolution.

How did the English revolution impact the American and the French Revolution?

it provided French citizens with a successful model for a new form of government

How did Marie Antoinette help the French Revolution.?

Marie Antoinette did not help the French Revolution. As the queen, she was against the revolution and did not support the revolt of her people.

What other revolution influenced the French people desire for freedom and equality?

The American Revolution provided inspiration for the French Revolution.

Why did the French revolution occur?

The French Revolution occurred because the people saw how effective the American Revolution was and they realized it was possible to change their government.

How did the French revolution treat The French Catholic Church?

The French revolution was extremely hostile to the Catholic Church. They guillotined priests, nuns, and sisters by the hundreds, desecrated Churches, and destroyed priceless relics; leaving the common people bereft of spiritual guidance and solace.

Who convinced many people to join the revolution?

their hatred of the British crown bound them together to fight for a common goal. Which was Independence.

French revolution when French resolution held?

The French Revolution (French: Révolution française; 1789-99)

Why did you have the French revolution?

Poor standards of living and inequality and injustice. The French Revolution was a rebellion against the aristocratic system which classified everybody according to their birth, either into common or noble families, and which awarded much greater rights and privileges to people of noble birth on the false presumption that such people were inherently better than those of common birth.