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"No Taxation Without Representation" was a slogan of the American Revolution meaning that since the American colonies could not have their interests heard by the British Parliament, because they had no official representation, they no longer wanted to pay taxes which said Parliament had enacted without their consent.

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Q: What did no taxation withought representation mean?
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What do people mean when they say no taxation without representation?


What does the phrase taxation without representation' mean?

"no taxation without representation" means that they dont want taxes without somebody to speak for them (the colonists)

What are some slogans for the stamp act?

i'm pretty sure it was "No Taxation Without Representation."

What does the term taxation without representation mean?

The British were taxing the Americans without them OKing it so taxation means taxing and representation means agreement

Which was the common slogan used by colonists to express anger towards the British taxes?

"No Taxation Without Representation!" was the phrase.

What the British colonist mean when they stated no taxation without representation?

It is the lack of direct representation in the British parliament.

What slogan did the coloniests use to show their irritation with the British Parliament?

They used the slogan "No taxation without representation" against the British as they had nobody to represent them in the British Parliament.

What was the colonist's slogan about british taxes?

"No taxation without representation."

What was a rallying point for the revolutionaries of France?

taxation without representation

Can taxation without representation mean being charged for a good or service without receiving it?

Not really, no. "No taxation without representation" means that no person should be forced to support a government that they are not represented in.

What does taxation representation mean?

Everyone in the US pays tax. (That is taxation.)Millions of people in the US cannot get the president they want. (So they are without correct representation.) Remember how embarrassing it was when people in the US were represented by war criminal George W. Bush? That is what taxation without representation means.

What does taxation without represention is tyranny mean?

Taxation without representation is tyranny means that it is unfair to have to pay taxes if uyou dont have a say in it............ Taxation without representation is tyranny means that it is unfair to have to pay taxes if uyou dont have a say in it............