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Equestrian houses had a loo [more like a hole with a way of disposing waste], they used a sponge on a stick to wipe themselves [it was sterilized in vinegar]. Patricians might have had their own baths [that's where they would have washed], other people would have gone to the public baths.

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No. Paper was invented in China and reached Europe in the 13th century


The Romans may very well have had paper. There is evidence that the Romans may have had traded with China, overland and through the red sea. It is known that the junks traded all along the east African coast, at that time and traded silk to Roma and Egypt.

However, there is no record of paper in Rome. They wrote on bronze tables, marble and other stones, or papyrus. In the 2nd century parchnment, invented by the Greeks, replaced papyrus. It was used in the middle ages until paper started replacing it in the 13th century.

Although the earliest records of paper in China dates to 105, it was not used for writing. It was hemp fibre rugs which were used as substitute for some uses of silk. This enabled China to export much more silk, thus increasing the country's wealth.

Paper first reached Korea and, in 610, Japan. The Arabs mastered its manufacture when they captured Chinese makers when they took Samarkand in 751. It was first introduced in Europe by the Arabs, in Arab-dominated Spain and Sicily.There is record of a paper mill in Palermo in 972 and one in Jativa in 1050. The quality of the paper imported from Damascus and Africa was so inferior to that of parchment and Frederick II banned its use for official documents in 1221. It caught on in Europe from 1268 when a new manufacturing process was invented in central Italy. It used a hydraulic wheel instead of of the ones powered by animals. This speeded up production and lowered costs. Quality also improved as the carding of threads improved.

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anything they could find.

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Q: What did romans use for toilet paper?
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